Estonia attracts with its clean environment, diverse culture and fine food.
UNESCO listed treasures
From old songs, wedding and sauna traditions to the capital city's architecture, there's a whole range of treasures to explore.
5 seasons
In addition to the traditional four seasons, some areas of Estonia have also a fifth – natural flood.
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Estonia’s air is among the cleanest in the world, and the freedom to roam is codified in law. Pick berries, mushrooms, or herbs. Go hiking. Or sit still and take inspiration from the sounds of nature.

A short ride is all that’s required to experience Estonia’s full natural diversity. Little distance separates cities and nature. Our versatile cultural heritage and seasons of the year make every visit unique.


820 km of beauty

Our longest hiking route crosses nine counties and a number of nature preserves, offering amazing local scenery along its 820 kilometers, including sand and shingle beaches and vast areas of wetlands and bogs.

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Sounds of nature

Enjoy king-size wooden megaphones in a densely forested site in the Pähni Nature Centre. Amplifying the sounds of the forest, the installation blends contemporary architectural space and wilderness and is accessible to everyone for free.

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Birders’ paradise

11 Estonian sites are included in the Ramsar list as internationally important bird areas. Millions of birds stop here during migration and there are more than 300 natural species. Up to 13,000 nesting couples per square kilometre can be found on our islands.

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