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Estonia attracts with its clean environment, diverse culture and fine food.
UNESCO listed treasures
From old songs, wedding and sauna traditions to the capital city's architecture, there's a whole range of treasures to explore.
5 seasons
In addition to the traditional four seasons, some areas of Estonia have also a fifth – natural flood.
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Estonia has the largest collection of folk songs in the world. Since 1869, our song festivals unite hundreds of choirs and thousands of singers on a single stage. Arvo Pärt continues to be the most-performed living composer, our festivals and sports events continue to connect culture and sports lovers from all over the world.

Estonia has some of the cleanest air in the world. The landscape is covered with mires and bogs, fields and forests (51% of mainland), limestone barrens and coastlines. And it’ll take only 15 km to the nearest wetland from any given point in Estonia.

Distinct seasons and pure nature have the greatest influence on Estonia’s culinary culture. Skills in preserving vegetables, mushrooms and berries, and the genuine use of natural, seasonal ingredients – with a delivery radius of less than 200 kilometers – are key parts of Estonian food culture.

820 km of beauty

Our longest hiking route crosses nine counties and a number of nature preserves, offering amazing local scenery along its 820 kilometers, including sand and shingle beaches and vast areas of wetlands and bogs.

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purification in the smoke sauna

Estonian smoke sauna has no chimney and the smoke from burning wood circulates the room. Once the stones reach a preferred temperature of around 100 degrees (Celsius), the smoke is vented out of the room.

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once estonished, always a fan

Making homemade dark sourdough rye bread, foraging for wild mushrooms and berries, and growing our own vegetables connect Estonian rural folk and true culinary artists, professional Chefs de Cuisine. Estonia's best restaurants have been listed in White Guide Nordic.

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