Ever wonder if Estonia’s digital transformation is everything it’s cracked up to be? Wonder no more. We’re about to show you.


See you on September 13-16, 2022!

You’ve probably heard of the e-revolution of Estonia, the most advanced digital society in the world. You’ve also heard that we know a thing or two about entrepreneurship, as a startup and unicorn powerhouse.

You could just take our word for it… Or you could come and experience it.

Over a four-day press trip to Estonia, you’ll see it all:

> Witness the future of smart cities

> Meet Bürokratt*, the AI-driven public service assistant creating seamless interactions between people and state.

> Dive into the trailblazing e-Residency programme that’s been making waves and inspiring change across the globe.

You’ll also find out how Estonia became Europe’s leading unicorn factory, with ten unicorns and over 1,300 startups, attracting hundreds of millions in foreign investments. Retrace the steps that led to world-changing solutions like (absolutely adorable) autonomous delivery robots on the streets (Starship Technologies), international money transfers with no extra charges (Wise), and super-powerful energy storage solutions that sound like something out of a sci-fi classic (Skeleton Technologies).

You’ll meet innovation leaders, test smart solutions, and experience the flavours of Estonia in Michelin star restaurants.

All this to show you that Estonia’s innovative and creative mindset, rapidly growing economy, and booming startup culture—it’s not hype. It’s just how we roll.

Ready to roll with us and see for yourself?

*The name, by the way, is a pun in Estonian. Someone will explain it to you when you get here. The whole trip will be worth it just for that.



Arrival in Tallinn

You’ll be picked up at the airport and taken to your hotel.

Check-in at Hektor Container Hotel

Located in the hip Telliskivi area you will be staying at a hotel that truly vibes with the local community.

Meeting in front of the Hektor Container Hotel
Walk to the dinner venue
Welcome dinner at Lee Restaurant

Dinner with Liina Maria Lepik (Member of Board at Estonian Innovation Agency), Ave Lauringson (e-Estonia), Eve Peeterson (Startup Estonia) and Joonas Vänto (Estonian Investment Agency).


Breakfast at Hektor Container Hotel
Meeting in front of the Hektor Container Hotel
Walk to Vabamu

A short (and super picturesque) walk through our UNESCO protected medieval old town will take you to the first experience of the day.

Exhibition on how Estonia has changed in 31 years since restoring the country's independence in 1991

Together with the exhibition’s guide Sten Tamkivi you’ll be taken back in time to the birth of our digital nation as well as get a glimpse of what the future holds.

Coffee break
How Estonia is building its cutting edge AI lead e-government through Bürokratt

With Ott Velsberg (CDO of Estonia), Mihkel Solvak, PhD (Manager at Center of IT Impact Studies) and Kristjan Jansons (CEO of MindTitan).

Introducing e-Residency
Lunch break at F-hoone
What makes Estonia the Unicornia?

Why is Estonia the Unicornia? Aleksi Partanen, General Partner at Icebreaker.vc


A few things that you don’t need to worry about in Estonia as an investor by Joonas Vänto, Director of Estonian Investment Agency

Work in Estonia ‒ attracting talent from around the world

Work in Estonia is a government funded initiative to attract global tech talent to work and live in Estonia. From talent attraction to relocation to settling in.

Meeting with Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas

In Stenbock House, the official seat of the Government of Estonia

Meeting in front of the Hektor Container Hotel
Walk to the dinner venue
Dinnerat at Restaurant 38 - a MICHELIN Bib Gourmand Restaurant

Estonia has become the first of the Baltic countries to be included in the Michelin Guide. Restaurant 38 has been recognized for top-quality ingredients and dishes with distinct flavours that will be carefully prepared for you.


Breakfast at Hektor Container Hotel
Meeting in front of the hotel
Bus ride to Tartu, European Capital of Culture 2024
Estonian Genome Centre

Introducing Estonia’s ambitious personalized medicine programme.

Lunch break at Kolm Tilli
Testing a self-driving bus by Auve Tech

Auve Tech is an outstanding and innovative Estonian startup designing and manufacturing autonomous vehicles for the first, last and only mile transport. Now you have a chance to find out what’s like to ride a bus without a human driver.

Smart City of Tartu

The Smart City of Tartu introduces the visible and invisible tech solutions allowing to turn Tartu smart, serving innovation for sustainable development. You’ll meet Bercman Technologies, Fyma, Skycorp, Positium, Modern Mobility and AuveTech.

Testing a smart pedestrian crosswalk by Bercman Technologies
Break at the Hotel Lydia
Meeting in front of the Hotel Lydia
Evening & dinner hosted by European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024

As Tartu, together with Southern Estonia, is preparing to be the European Capital of Culture in 2024, you will get to hear straight from the source what the city has to offer as a true centre of culture, education, and community.

Tartu 2024 team will take you to a mysterious manhole cover printing workshop, an exciting barge cruise on the River Emajõgi and dinner at tARTu Gallery. The night will be full of surprises and “Arts of Survival”, the artistic concept of Tartu 2024, will be put into practise. Wear something comfortable and be prepared to survive outdoors.


Breakfast at Hotel Lydia
Meeting at the hotel lobby and check-out
The invisible IT behind Estonian smart city solutions

You will meet Jaak Vilo who heads the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Tartu, the university’s largest institute, and arguably its most intermeshed with the private sector. By Vilo’s account, it is also its most international institute as roughly half of the institute’s researchers are not Estonians. The institute collaborates with the local IT industry as well as international organizations.

How UniTartu Ventures makes intellectual property profitable for both businesses and universities?
Driving to Tallinn by bus
Lunch break at Cru
Bolt - meet the unicorn

Bolt is the European super-app that has over 100 million customers in over 45 countries and over 500 cities across Europe and Africa. The company seeks to accelerate the transition from owned cars to shared mobility, offering better alternatives for every use case, including ride-hailing, shared cars and scooters, and food and grocery delivery.

Estonian Startup Visa - building bridges for our startup community

The Estonian Startup Visa helps non-EU founders grow their startup in Estonia, one of the world’s best places to start and run a company. It also eases the process for Estonian startups to hire non-EU talent. More than 4000 people have used the Estonian Startup Visa in the past 5 years.

Hotel or airport dropoff

Tearful goodbyes. You will be taken back to Tallinn airport for your flight.

The people you’ll meet

Press kit