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Tartu – European Capital of Culture 2024

Tartu, the university town of Estonia, will be the European capital of culture 2024. The year will be a fun-packed one full of events showcasing the historical and cultural heritage of Estonia’s second-largest town.

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Tartu comes with its own variety of social life. This city is known for its bohemian vibe as well as for being at the forefront of Estonia’s scientific progress across centuries. Tartu is equally well regarded for its large central park called Toomemägi as well as for quaint cafes and the river Emajõgi that passes through the city.

Here’s where the students and residents meet and mingle. Tartu University was founded in 1632 and hence is one of the oldest universities in Northern Europe. Theatre performances, concerts, festivals, conferences, and sports events happen all year round, including Hanseatic Days, Rally Estonia and Tartuff, a festival dedicated to romantic films screened on the largest outdoor popup cinema in the Baltics. Tartu is also home to more than 20 museums, including the University Of Tartu Museum, Tartu Toy Museum and a number of art galleries. Aparaaditehas, located in the student town of Tartu, is the hipster epicenter of Tartu and offers a selection of artistic and trendy second-hand gems.

The European Capital of Culture programme has been active since 1985 and was initially called the European City of Culture. Soon the popularity of the project grew and was absorbed into a European Union initiative.


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