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Study + Research

Estonia offers great infrastructure and facilities for top-notch research.
160+ degree programmes
We offer over 160 degree opportunities in a variety of fields.
5,000+ international students
More than 5000 international students are currently studying in Estonia.

9 out of 10 foreign students are very happy with Estonia’s study and living environments. We offer over 160 high-quality degree programs, internationally-accepted diplomas, and state scholarships.

An innovative environment, combined with great value for money, has made Estonia a desirable destination for both students and researchers in a knowledge-based society.

Foreign students

International degree students make up 12% of the student body in Estonia. According to the International Student Barometer, 91% of international students are happy with their life in Estonia.

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Rewarding research

Estonian scientists are successful participants in Horizon 2020 projects, granting researchers almost twice the funding than other EU countries on average. With this indicator Estonia holds fourth place.

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Key players

Our most-cited researchers are biologists and ecologists. In addition, clinical medicine, molecular biology, and genetics are fields driving the success of Estonian science.

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