The fourth instalment of the “Software Defined Space Conference” (SDSC) series, dedicated to the critical realm of cybersecurity in space, is set to unfold 29.-31. October in Tallinn, Estonia.

Through the use of software, we have the capability to transform how we utilise and gain benefits from our space assets. We can accurately predict and visualise future demands, while also facilitating the coming together of service providers and consumers.

It’s important to recognise that the increased value of space technologies today is primarily driven by software advancements and the expanding realm of connectivity. In 2022, the space sector entered a new era in which cyber security assumed a pivotal role in ensuring the uninterrupted provision of services and overall sustainability. Consequently, it has become imperative to address cyber security considerations within space systems right from their initial design stages.


Hence, the primary focus of this event centres around two key areas: software development and cyber security within the realm of space technology. The overarching goal is to heighten awareness about the potential of these technologies, explore avenues for commercialisation, and foster the growth of the space community. All of this is in service of advancing sustainable development within the sector.

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1. New Space Policy Initiatives

2. Space and Cybersecurity Law in Europe

3. Lessons from Ukraine to the Space Sector

4. AI and Software Defined Space

5. Software Defined Satellites

6. Educational Activities in Space and Cyber Domain

7. Cyber Security and Space Technology Based Services

8. Robotics and Cyber Security

9. Space and the Gaming Industry


Deadline for submission is 20 May 2024.


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Software Defined Space Conference 2024

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