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In Estonia, your career can take the fast track thanks to our horizontal work culture.
EU & Schengen member
We are members of the EU, the Eurozone, NATO, the OECD, and the Schengen Area.
the best country in Europe to get a job
According to Glassdoor, Estonia is the best country in Europe to get a job.
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We believe in innovation and the constant quest to improve. Our culture of low power distance enables fast advancement. There is always room for bold ideas, doing things differently, and being first.

Estonia is the most entrepreneurial country in Europe. As one of the cleanest countries and the most developed digital society in the world, Estonia is also a really cool place to live.

Our language

About 1.1 million people speak Estonian, one of the world’s smallest official languages successfully used in all dimensions of society. Additionally, Estonians know and speak many other languages.

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Number of native speakers (in millions).

Great minds

Estonians understand technology: Skype and Kazaa revolutionized communication and sharing: TransferWise changed international money transfers; GrabCAD helps build products faster; and Starship robots are reframing local delivery.

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Reflector love

Since we spend much time in darkness, wearing a reflector at night or during conditions of poor visibility is compulsory. This way we ensure that pedestrians and bikers are noticed and safe.

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