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With strong government support and a vibrant cleantech sector, Estonia is driving sustainable economic development, and pioneering solutions in areas ranging from energy and power to materials and chemicals.

Despite our small size, we think big and act boldly, focusing on scalability and innovation from the outset. Collaboration thrives in our cleantech sector: peer-to-peer learning, knowledge sharing, and an industrial research ecosystem drive our growth. Our technological expertise, skilled workforce, modern infrastructure, and advanced capabilities all contribute to a sustainable future. We deliver not just hardware and software products, but services and processes that have a positive impact on the environment and climate.

We know what it takes to change: our economy has undergone a remarkable transformation, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions while experiencing drastic GDP growth. Looking ahead, Estonia aims to be fully powered by renewable energy by 2030.

With 4th best urban air quality in the world and abundant forests, Estonians set the standard for sustainable living and are globally recognised for our commitment to building prosperity within planetary boundaries.




See you on June 11-17, 2024!




How does Estonia consistently rank as a world leader in AI, human capital, digital capability, and ease of doing business? #1 in the number of unicorn companies per capita, where does this country get its relentless curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit?


Now’s your chance to find out. Because Estonians are a nation of straight talkers — the only hot air you’ll find here is in the sauna. So, let the country’s most entrepreneurial minds walk you through the development of a digital society, through the challenges, lessons, and fuck-ups (there have been a few — we’ve made a whole bunch of mistakes so others don’t have to!), and get an exclusive look at advances in:


+ AI and proactive government

+ Smart City

+ HealthTech

+ FoodTech

+ DefenceTech

+ CleanTech

+ DeepTech everywhere


And of course, to take a little break from the tech talk, allow yourself to be whisked away into the wild for a taste of the Estonian way of life.


*The agenda is preliminary and subject to continuous updates to ensure the best experience once you are here.


Arrival in Tallinn & check-in at Hotel Telegraaf

You’ll be picked up at the airport and taken to your hotel. Located at the former telegraph office in the old town of Tallinn, Hotel Telegraaf has always been a place where news travelled to and from.

Welcome Hug: Spa Treatment

This heartfelt spa treatment is designed to calm your senses, uplift your soul, relieve travel tension, and open your mind to a future that smells promising. Your care time will be set personally.

Breakfast at Hotel Telegraaf
Meeting in front of the Hotel Telegraaf
Walk to the Digital Summit venue
Digital Summit

To join Digital Summit as an accredited journalist, please confirm your participation here.

Break at the Hotel Telegraaf
Meeting in front of the Hotel Telegraaf
Walk in the old town of Tallinn to the restaurant
Welcome Dinner at the Nunne Boutique Hotell Restaurant

The newly opened Nunne Boutique Hotell Restaurant next to the medieval city wall looks as good as it tastes. At the dinner, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with the hosts of the press trip, representing the Estonian Enterprise and Innovation Agency which is dedicated to enhancing Estonia’s global competitiveness and fostering growth in both business and lifestyle domains.


Breakfast at Hotel Telegraaf
Meeting in front of the Hotel Telegraaf
Bus ride to e-Estonia Briefing Centre
Digital country panel 1: Fuckups and lessons learned in building a digital country

This time, we step beyond the glorified facade of the digital country. During our three growth phases, we’ve created a number of fuckups that ended (or could have ended) badly. Although we have learned this the hard way, there is room for others to sidestep them. Estonia’s President (2016-2021) Kersti Kaljulaid, technology scientist Kristjan Vassil and tech journalist Ronald Liive will open their cards. Erika Piirmets adds fuel to the fire as a moderator.

Coffee break
Digital country panel 2: F*** the future: Personal, proactive, and prospective country

Delving into the times to come, our focus shifts to the impending era of personalised and proactive governance. Kaspar Korjus, the founder of the AI-driven contract negotiation startup Pactum, Andres Raieste from Nortal, and Ott Velsberg, the leader in AI-powered next-gen e-government, are joined by healthcare and IT visionaries to offer insights into the road ahead and drill down into the reasons why can’t we shut up AI. The moderator of this panel is Sten-Kristjan Saluveer.

Lunch at Freya
Bus ride to Kopli
Battle Day: DefenceTech

How the war in Ukraine has changed the defence industry? How Estonia’s DefenceTech is responding? Defence experts and innovators Sten Allik and James Acuna share their impressions, conclusions, and developments.

To make it more real, we have prepared modern weapons and battle equipment ready to test at the DefenceTech demo area with the help of our startups – Milrem Robotics, GScan, Marduk, Vegvisir, Threod Systems, and Tactical Foodpack. No one gets hurt – we’ll safeguard you!

Battle Day takes place at the BLRT‘s shipbuilding and repair factory on peninsula Kopli, Tallinn.

An ask-me-anything session with the Minister of Economic Affairs and Information Technology Tiit Riisalo

Why Estonia is the place for tech firms, founders and entrepreneurs to base their companies? What are the general messages from the government – how to keep Estonia attractive for talent, companies, and investment? You are welcome to ask your questions directly from the Minister Riisalo.

Break at Hotel Telegraaf
Meeting in front of the Hotel Telegraaf
Bus Ride to Kadriorg
Dinner at Mon Repos & walk in Kadriorg Park


Breakfast at Hotel Telegraaf
Meeting in front of the Hotel Telegraaf
Walk to Maakri
Health Day: HealthTech

How to create a perfect healthcare model by using excellence in making legislation, data and wellness levels seamlessly integrated? Not that Estonia has already succeeded in all of them, but we’ve started – to make our healthcare prepared for the age of personalised medicine. Estonian HealthTech innovations will be presented by Mental Pin, Certific, Grab2Go, Dermtest, LifeYear, Gelatex, and Krakul. Are you ready to test them?

What secret formula makes Estonia a perfect testbed for future personalised medicine is discussed in the following Health Panel by Maarja Laos from Net Group, Dan Bogdanov from Cybernetica, and Hubertus Groepper from Airbus. The panel discussion is moderated by Erki Mölder from Health Founders.

Health Day takes place at WIP Maakri (Maakri 19).

Lunch break at Kolm Sibulat
Bus ride to Telliskivi
Kitchen Day: Food & FoodTech

Our food innovation panel opens up ways that food could be grown and cooked and how it could taste. Not the weirdest one you’ve seen. But hopefully, one of the smartEST.

Our tasty food innovations and Michelin-starred food culture will be presented at FoodTech demo area by Estonian companies: Ene Viiard from TFTAK, Sirli Rosenvald from FUNKI, Andrean Razumovski from Mati Foods, Petri-Jaan Lahtvee from ÄioKatrin Liivat from FoodDocs, Rasmus Rask from LaMuu, and Katre Kõvask from YOOK. The moderator for this panel will be Vaido Mikheim from Startup Estonia.

Bus ride to Iglupark
Sauna at Iglupark

For Estonians, the most truthful conversations happen in the sauna. We may seem a bit reserved at first, but the sauna is where we truly open up and understand each other. It’s our oldest social network (perhaps still the best one) and the perfect place to talk. So, we go to the sauna, for sure.

Ray Foil demo
Dinner at Kampai


Breakfast at Hotel Telegraaf
Check-out from Hotel Telegraaf
Meeting in front of the Hotel Telegraaf
Bus ride to Ülemiste City
City Day: Smart City at Sepise 7

From self-driving buses to cute delivery robots, this is the place where you can test smart city solutions in action. AuveTech, Clevon, Vool, Vok Bikes, Elmo, Ülemiste City,  Starship Technologies, and Autonomous Driving Lab will introduce visible and invisible tech solutions turning Estonia into the perfect testbed for future mobility. The Smart City demo and testing tour is guided by Liina Maria Lepik, a Board Member of the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency.

In the Smart City panel under the moderation of Marten Kaevats, the ecosystem participants Taavi Rõivas from AuveTech, Arnaud Castaignet from Skeleton Technologies, Pirko Konsa from Tartu Science Park, Jevgeni Kabanov from Bolt, and Jürgen Preden from Thinnect reveal why Estonia’s legislation is open to innovation, why we love robots on the streets and why it brings world-famous companies to develop and test their ideas here.

Lunch at Mona
Hotel or airport dropoff

Tearful goodbyes. You will be taken back to Tallinn airport for your flight.

The people you’ll meet

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Project Manager

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