Norway grants ja Eesti Arengu Sihtasutus

The Green ICT Programme fosters sustainable growth and value creation within the Estonian business sector by promoting innovation and collaboration between Estonia and Norway. Funded by Norway Grants, this initiative focuses on enhancing green industry innovation, ICT, and Welfare Technology through bilateral cooperation.


With a total investment of 19.8 million euros during its latest programming period, the program has supported over 90 Estonian-Norwegian cooperation projects, aiming to strengthen long-term business partnerships and drive innovation for shared economic and environmental benefits. 


Be a part of the culmination at the “Green ICT” final event, where best practices converge with bilateral developments. Engage in workshops and embark on site visits to Estonian companies, providing a firsthand look at the strides made in Green Innovation, ICT and Welfare Technologies.


The event is primarily tailored for Green ICT project promoters and their partners. However, it also welcomes other companies interested in exploring bilateral partnerships, networking opportunities, and staying at the forefront of Green Innovation, ICT and Welfare Technologies.


Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and contribute to the future of sustainable collaboration. Join us at the “Green ICT” final event!





Welcoming coffee

Arrival at Nordic Hotel Forum (Viru väljak 3, Tallinn) Sirius conference room


Welcome notes

Ahti Kuningas, Secretary General, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Marius Dirdal, Ambassador of Norway to Estonia

Moderator Tanel Tomson, Programme Operator

Norway Grants "Green ICT" program and its impact on competitiveness of Estonian companies

Sigrid Harjo, Member of the Board of the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency

Norway Grants as a tool for bilateral cooperation between Estonia and Norway

Magnar Ødelien, Programme Director, EEA Norway Grants at Innovation Norway

Keynote: Future of Estonian enterprises – challenges and opportunities

Sandra Särav, Deputy Secretary General for Economics and Innovation, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications


Coffee break
Project highlights: Best practices and lessons learned

11:30-12:05 Roofit.Solar product development and process innovation for developing software and automated production line projects

Helen Anijalg (Roofit Solar Energy)


12:05-12:40 Development of autonomous power line inspection technology uBird project 

Henri Klemmer (Hepta Airborne)


12:40-13:15 Implementation of polygenic risk score guided breast cancer precision prevention project 

Peeter Padrik (Antegenes)


13:15-13:50 Inventing CO2-negative concrete as a sustainable and scalable building material 

Mirjam-Kim Rääbis (UP Catalyst)
Inger Lise Alsvik (SafeRock)

Tips and guidelines: site visits, transportation, evening reception
Site visits to the companies

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to visit one of four innovative companies benefiting from Green ICT support. Make your selection on the registration form from these options:


UP Catalyst



Discover more detailed description of the projects below.

Reception and dinner hosted by the Ambassador of Norway to Estonia

Reception venue: Sihi tn 31, Nõmme.

Dresscode: Business attire.

Transportation provided, start from hotel 18:30.


Discover your ideal company to visit

As part of the Green ICT final event, we have the unique opportunity to visit four exemplary companies that have significantly benefited from Green ICT support. These visits are scheduled for the second part of the day, offering a deep dive into the real-world applications and innovations in the field of Green ICT.

As part of this experience, you are invited to select one company from the following list for your visit. Each company offers a unique perspective and contribution to Green ICT goals. Please indicate your preferred company visit by making a selection on the registration form, accessible HERE.



Registration for visiting Roofit.Solar is now closed as we have reached full capacity. Thank you for your interest! 

Roofit.Solar specializes in innovative metal roofing materials, seamlessly integrating monocrystalline silicon elements to produce visually appealing solar roofs with conventional electrical capabilities.  

The Roofit.Solar projects presented high level innovation in solar energy by developing and launching three types of integrated metal solar roof panels, aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and promoting renewable energy. Solar panels, piloted in Sweden and Estonia, have received positive feedback for their environmental impact and aesthetic design, enhancing urban and rural landscapes. development aims to further disseminate solar technology by engaging external professionals like architects, driving sustainable development and climate action.

Second project involved the development of a new automated production line allows to increase its throughput in order to produce material in the volume corresponding to the demand. New solutions based on robotics were introduced.

Site visit includes presenting the solar roof installed in Meremeeste Hospital and tour in the production.

Project partner: Søran provides a wide range of professional services within roof contracting, ventilation, production, service and maintenance.


UP Catalyst 

Registration for visiting UP Catalyst is now closed as we have reached full capacity. Thank you for your interest! 

UP Catalyst specializes in innovative geopolymer products, aiming to revolutionize the construction industry by enhancing the strength and sustainability of concrete through advanced climate-friendly materials like ox-CNTs.

Green ICT project included the development of cost-effective geopolymer products with improved mechanical properties, addressing diverse market needs and contributing to the growth of the emerging offshore wind park construction industry.

Project partner:  SafeRock is a Norwegian technology company developing a product that addresses two major environmental challenges – reducing carbon emissions from the concrete industry and reducing the build-up of waste from the mining industry.



PowerUP Fuel Cells OÜ specializes in sustainable energy solutions, particularly the development of hydrogen fuel cell based electric generator systems and battery capacity extenders.

Teaming up with Beyonder AS and Nordic Batteries AS, PowerUP Fuel Cells OÜ is leading the creation of the UP10K Pro, a 10,000 W zero-emission portable generator unit. This innovative solution, utilizing compressed hydrogen as fuel through a complex PEM fuel cell system and a high power lithium-ion battery capable of providing peak power bursts, is designed for the construction and mining industry, offering a clean alternative to heavy polluting diesel generators. With a constant output of up to 10kW and a peak power of up to 100kW it uniquely meets the industry’s demanding energy needs.

Project partners: 

Beyonder is a technology company focusing on researching and developing advanced battery cell technology for use in industries that require high power.

Nordic Batteries is specializing in developing advanced battery solutions for industrial applications in construction, maritime, defense, and grid systems.



Fusebox specializes in providing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for energy market operations, focusing on enhancing grid flexibility and optimizing energy consumption.

Green ICT project aimed to introduce Fusebox’s SaaS platform to the Danish energy market through a pilot, leveraging energy storage and demand flexibility to reduce carbon intensity and enhance grid efficiency. The projected outcome involves the installation of Fusebox’s software on the Partner’s system, supporting battery management, localization of the SaaS platform, development of integrations, and providing access to the Tenant.

Project partner: Pixii is a pioneering leader in power conversion and energy storage, leveraging decades of expertise to provide innovative, globally-reaching solutions that enhance flexibility and support clients in transitioning to a more electrified and sustainable future.


Please also explore our previously completed video materials for examples of the program below. 


Norway Grants Green ICT programme Final Event

Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn, Estonia


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