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FIA World Rally Championship to be run in Estonia

Rally Estonia 2020 makes history by becoming the first round of the FIA World Rally Championship to be run in Estonia. Estonia will become the 33rd country in the world to host a round of the FIA World Rally Championship. Rally Estonia, a round of the WRC, will be held 4-6 September 2020.

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Historic Rally Estonia is held on the roads of TartuOtepää, Elva, Kanepi and Kambja municipalities. The centre of the rally is the Estonian National Museum in Tartu, where the podium, rally HQ, service park and press centre are located.

The WRC Rally Estonia will be held in accordance with all the requirements of the COVID-19 situation. The memorandum of understanding states that the Estonian Government will form a special committee for the purpose of minimising the risk of coronavirus at Rally Estonia. The committee consists of representatives from the Estonian Rescue Board, Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, Estonian Road Administration, Estonian Health Board, State Forest Management Centre and the Ministry of Interior. WRC Promoter and the FIA will contribute their international know-how on the matter.

Read on to hear what a few key figures surrounding Rally Estonia 2020 have to say.

Jüri Ratas, Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia: “With this step, Estonia once again confirms its position in the world of rallying: in addition to being the homeland of the World Champions, today Estonia has become an organiser of a World Rally Championship event. This is more than a unique opportunity to organise a global sport event in Estonia. Having a FIA World Rally Championship round in Estonia introduces our country in the world and contributes to our economy and regional development. Additionally, this has a positive impact to Estonian motorsport and its development. I acknowledge and congratulate the Rally Estonia team, their partners, local municipalities and WRC Promoter! Their joint effort and actions have contributed to the fact that in September the Estonian people can cheer the reigning World Champions in their title chase on their home roads.”

Tõnis Lukas, Minister of Culture: “I’m impressed by the effort of the organisers who have built Rally Estonia year by year to make it a top-level event in the world. The first official round of the World Rally Championship in Estonia is excellent proof of it. This is the biggest sport event after Estonia regained independence. The images from our beautiful country and its nature and cultural attractions will attract more than 150 million viewers worldwide in television and internet.”

Oliver Ciesla, Managing Director of WRC Promoter: “This sends a clear signal that the 2020 WRC is back in business. The Estonian public and media demonstrate huge passion for WRC and the expectation there, and across the sport in general, will build rapidly from now ahead of September’s rally. We’re excited to bring the WRC to the home of the reigning world champion, and we appreciate the great support from the Estonian Government, the Estonian Autosport Union and Rally Estonia to make this event happen.”

Urmo Aava, Director of Rally Estonia: “It has been more than 10 years of hard work and now the dream has come true. Our team has grown during the years and we have all one thing in common – passion for what we do and believe in. It wouldn’t have been possible without our partners who share our DNA. The Estonian government with its institutions, local municipalities, private sector and people who share with us the ideas of how to organise a world class autosport event. And of course, the rally fans all over the world! Most of them have been with us since the first days of Rally Estonia. Now have we an opportunity to organize an event in a very short time which could enable Estonia and Estonian autosport to secure a spot in the WRC calendar in the future.”

The sale of Rally Estonia rally passes opened on 4th of August

Rally passes are available only at rallyestonia.comDue the coronavirus situation, the number of rally passes has been limited. There are 16 groups of Rally Passes. Each rally pass group has 1,000 passes on sale for a total number of 16,000 passes. Passes in each rally pass group let you follow the rally in five spectator areas over the weekend. Some groups’ passes also include a visit to the service park at the Estonian National Museum.

During the purchase process, it is necessary to enter the names and personal identification codes of all people visiting the rally, which are connected with the rally pass. It is NOT necessary to be linked with an ID card or Mobile ID. The rally pass is personal and cannot be resold/handed on/given as a present. One person can buy rally passes for the whole group, but one pass per person.

WRC Rally Estonia All Live

If you can’t make it to Estonia to enjoy the rally on site, you can watch it online at



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