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Estonian startup Bercman brings crosswalks to the Age of IoT

Estonian startups Bercman Technologies and 1oT joined their knowledge to modernize data transmission of smart infrastructure. Bercman’s IoT-based smart crosswalks, now with hassle-free and fast installable eSIM cards, are increasing traffic safety and supporting smart vehicles’ further use in city transportation.

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Estonian startups Bercman Technologies and 1oT today announced the cooperation that will bring eSIM cards in smart traffic infrastructure devices. At first, they are redefining the well-known crosswalks to provide better safety and adapt it to the era of smart cities.

The eSIM solution provides an advantage for smart devices delivered on a global scale, points out Märt Kroodo, the co-founder and CEO of 1oT.

“The eSIMs offer flexibility and operational efficiency to serve our customers in export markets, and in general, they are also more environmentally-friendly,” says Mart Suurkask, the founder and CEO of Bercman Technologies.

The first IoT crosswalks to be installed in Greece

The first smart crosswalks with eSIMs will be installed on the streets of Greece’s third-biggest city of Patras already in the coming days. “All these devices are using eSIM cards for data transmission,” Suurkask notes.

Fast and hassle-free installation

eSIMs are more convenient, reduce bureaucracy and speed up the installation of new infrastructure. According to Suurkask, Bercman sends out a device set in which the card is already installed and configured so that the service starts immediately after installing the smart crosswalk at the destination.

“For the client, the process is quick and smooth,” Suurkask points out. “In addition, we can change the data transfer profile in the management portal if needed without bringing the telecom company into the process.”

Smart crosswalks are not the only solutions with eSIM adoption. Another significant area is micromobility, where it is used in scooters and bike-sharing services, and logistics, where the location of trucks and containers is tracked using GPS. Furthermore, eSIM technology is also successfully used in healthcare, agriculture and everyday electronics, for example, in smartwatches and smartphones.

1oT is a global data communication service provider targeting the IoT market. Founded in 2016 in Estonia, 1oT has already shipped one million SIMs and eSIMs worldwide, which are used in smart devices in more than 173 countries.

Founded in 2016 in Tartu, Estonia, Bercman Technologies produces smart pedestrian crosswalks, employs 16 people and has been publicly traded on the First North Baltic since the summer of 2021. In December 2021, Bercman acquired Krakul OÜ, an Estonian-founded development company for the Internet of Things and autonomous systems.

Estonia is the perfect testbed for smart city solutions

For developing and implementing smart city solutions, Estonia has an unparalleled track record of applying technology to create efficiency and improve user experience. Advanced digital infrastructure, skills and consumer adoption provide the ideal R&D testbed for smart city solutions.

Read more about the opportunities Estonia offers in the field of smart cities here. If you wish to learn more about doing business in Estonia, feel free to send us an e-Consulting request to get started.

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