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Estonia again takes top spot in Emerging Europe’s investment promotion report

The Estonian Investment Agency has once again set the standard for other…

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The Estonian Investment Agency has once again set the standard for other investment promotion agencies in the region to follow.

For the second year in a row, Estonian Investment Agency has come out in top in Emerging Europe’s annual investment promotion report.

Since 2018, as a part of its awards programme, Emerging Europe has been researching how the region’s 23 national investment promotion agencies (IPAs) communicate their value proposition and how they use their digital channels to grab the attention of potential investors to the various business opportunities offered by the region’s key sectors.

“The Estonia Investment Agency’s website provides relevant and up-to-date information about the country in an attractive and clear manner,” says Andrew Wrobel, founder of Emerging Europe.

“Its customer support and inquiry handling are built upon creative and effective solutions, and social media are targeted at the international customer.”

Standing out is invaluable

“In a world in which more jurisdictions compete for investment than ever before, standing out with a unique value proposition is invaluable,” says Peter Ryan, the principal analyst at Canada-based Ryan Strategic Advisory.

“The number of times I have been subjected to pitches from cities, regions or countries that are generic and repeat the same mantras, with virtually no differentiation is unacceptable,” he adds. “To win new opportunities from serious investors, today’s investment promotion agencies must find a way to stand out from the crowd. Repeating the tried and tested slogans of days gone by simply won’t cut anymore.”

It is therefore no surprise that the Estonia Investment Agency’s scores exceptionally well in the innovation and creativity component of the ranking, one of five that makes up the total. In fact, Estonia scores 15 (out of 20) in innovation and creativity. Estonia is also ranked highest in the support and community building component.

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