In a world shaped by both digital advancement and pristine natural beauty, Estonia emerges as a small nation with remarkable achievements. As we gather within the walls of our pavilion at COP28, our purpose is clear: to illuminate the path toward a sustainable society, fostering the exchange of ideas that will propel us to the ambitious goals set forth by the Paris Agreement and the UNFCCC.


Estonia stands as a consistent advocate for environmental stewardship and climate action. Our dedication has driven us to set bold targets and chart a course toward a low-carbon society. Through  efforts and alignment across sectors, we are steadfast in our commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2050.


This transition is not only an environmental imperative but a doorway to economic opportunity. The tapestry of our economy is woven with threads of green innovation, environmental products, cutting-edge technology, and services that have transformed into a new economy—a powerful engine for growth. These elements, underpinned by sustainability, bestow a competitive edge upon companies and countries alike.

Rooted in our culture of innovation, the Estonian state embraces an adaptive mindset. We have successfully executed pioneering pilot projects that showcase the viability of green initiatives, exemplified through e-governance, e-voting, B.Green, mobility initiatives, and many more cleantech innovators.


The world recognizes Estonia as a digital haven where innovation enriches everyday lives. Our vibrant startup ecosystem, attracting substantial venture capital and boasting a remarkable per capita rate of unicorn startups, stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit that thrives in both private and public sectors.


The past three decades have witnessed Estonia catalyzing global transformation. Industries pivot toward green paradigms—Estonia now stands as a global IT development hub, home to NATO’s cyber defence cooperation centre. Our resolute commitment to forest cleaning precipitated the global World Ceanup Day, rallying over 14.5 million people across 190 countries. Our dedication has driven a remarkable 57.3% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, even as we navigated the complexities of a post-Soviet industrial shift. Estonia’s people stand as the architects of transformation.

Open Call

In Estonian Pavilion we aim to share, inspire and foster exchange of learnings, bottlenecks, ideas and solutions to achieve the goals of Paris Agreement and UNFCCC. Our plan is also to showcase transformation towards Just and Sustainable Society – in order to do so, we plan to co-create events in the pavilion with local, regional and global partners. Apply here for proposals for events at the Estonian COP28 Pavilion.



detailed daily program coming soon

30.11 Opening day

1.12 World Climate Action Summit

2.12 World Climate Action Summit

3.12 Health / Relief, Recovery and Peace

4.12 Finance / Trade / Gender Equality /Accountability

5.12 Energy and Industry / Just Transition / Indigenous Peoples

6.12 Multilevel Action, Urbanization and Built Environment / Transport

7.12 Rest

8.12 Youth, Children, Education and Skills

9.12 Nature, Land Use and Oceans

10.12 Food, Agriculture and Water

11.12-12.12 Final Negotiations



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Anni Raie
COP28 Estonian Pavilion Team Lead
Center for Environmental Investments
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