Cyber and Space Security Conference 2021, on 10 -11 November, explores opportunities for solving current and future challenges related to protecting space assets and data.

The 2021 conference marks the beginning of the Cyber and Space Security conference series. The two day international conference is organized by Enterprise Estonia in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Thank you for joining us for the first ever international Cyber and Space Security Conference!

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Co-organisers of the Cyber and Space Security Conference 2021



10.11 - DAY 1


Andres Sutt – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Paul Liias – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Keynote: Building on the Estonian Experience in e-governance and Cyber Security

Estonia is probably the only country in the world where 99% of the public services are available online 24/7. All of these services use a solution called X-tee which allows the nation’s various public and private sector e-service information systems to link up and function in harmony. Estonia also ranks very high in the National Cyber Security Index, being one of the countries best prepared against cyber attacks. This keynote will introduce the experience Estonia already has and would like to share with the space sector.

Speaker: Anett Numa

Panel: How to Set Up Space Traffic Management

Constellations of satellites cover the Earth with internet, offer satellite navigation services and produce Earth observation data that enables novel services for daily use and data based decision making. However, traffic in space is not managed and improving our daily life on Earth will create new challenges on our orbits. This panel will focus on how to set up a global Space Traffic Management system from the political and technical perspectives.

Speakers: Dr Brian Weeden (Secure World Foundation), Dr Agnieszka Łukaszczyk (Planet), Dr Tim Flohrer (ESA), Dr Ingo Baumann (BHO Legal), moderator Paul Liias (Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications)

Panel: How to Implement Secure and Interoperable Exchange of SST Data

Space debris is one of the main threats to our satellites on orbit. Therefore, a number of governments, R&D institutions and private companies track objects on orbit and build catalogues. Today one of the main challenges is exchanging SST data between these catalogues and how users can trust information received from others. This panel will talk about challenges and technologies for SST data exchange.

Speakers: Matthew Scholl (NIST), Marc Becker (DLR/EU SST), Marika Popp (Guardtime), Baldur Kubo (Cybernetica), moderator Eric Blake Jackson (TalTech)

Coffee break
Panel: Cyber Threats to the Space Segment

Our society and economy rely strongly on space services, however they are threatened in ways we may not yet be aware of. The aim of this panel is to discuss both known and potential cyber threats and how they are avoided or could be avoided in the future and how to learn from previous experiences.

Speakers: Simon Plum (ESA), Dr Frank Schubert (Airbus CyberSecurity), Dr Beyza Unal (Chatham House), moderator Ann Väljataga (NATO CCDCOE)

Panel: Ensuring Data Integrity in Earth Observation – from Orbit to End-User

With the development of Earth Observation (EO) technology, the first services requiring forensics grade data are emerging. Carbon trading and agricultural subsidy checks with satellite monitoring are good examples of where high value payments are made based on EO data. This raises the need for data integrity. It is important that input data measured by the EO sensor from the orbit remains uncorrupt to the end-user in the form of business information, while travelling through the data processing and transfer pipeline. How to assure it?

Speakers: Tero Vauraste (ICEYE), Dr Jean-Luc Widlowski (European Commission), Priit Anton (Guardtime), moderator Kaupo Voormansik (KappaZeta)

End of the first day

11.11 - DAY 2

CTF Ground Station Hackathon (for registered teams of 1-3 people only)

The live-fire satellite operations exercise enables participants to simulate attacking and defending a satellite mission, expanding their cybersecurity skills into the space domain. The exercises are designed for developing and testing of various space systems, as well as used in forensics collection and analysis.

Organisers: CybExer Technologies, Spaceit

Keynote: Cyber Security Exercises

Space has become a new frontier in cybersecurity and satellites have become an integral part of Earth’s critical infrastructure. Today there are nearly 6,000 satellites circling the earth and many technical systems rely on their operations. Satellite operations cyber exercises focus on increasing the knowledge of cyberspace of satellite operators, as well as personnel responsible for management of defence systems and procedures.

Speaker: Aare Reintam

Panel: Space as War-Fighting Domain

NATO has recognised space as a new operational domain. The panel “Space as War-Fighting Domain” will discuss what this means for space warfare and explore opportunities for technological development that might emerge from military activities in space.

Speakers:  Paul Szymanski (Space Strategies Center), Wolfgang Roehrig (EDA), Helen Tung (Tung Chambers & NewSpace2060), Silver Lodi (Spaceit), moderator Col. Jaak Tarien (NATO CCDCOE)

Coffee break
Panel: Future of Space Cyber Security

The space sector becomes more and more dependent on software. New software-defined satellites are being developed, there are plans for new space stations and visions of setting up habitats away from Earth. So far we don’t know of many cyber security incidents – so is there any risk at all? This panel will look into the near and far future and discuss what could be the main opportunities and trends for the future of space cyber security.

Speakers: A. S. Kiran Kumar (ISRO), Ignacio Chechile (ReOrbit), Stefano Serva (ESA), moderator Rainer Sternfeld (NordicNinja VC)

Panel: An Ecosystem to Support Protecting Space Assets

Keeping space assets safe is in the interest of both public and private actors and all who benefit from space services. This panel engages satellite operators, cyber security service providers and actors from the public sector to discuss what kind of support is needed in order to ensure safety and security of space assets and how the ecosystem could provide this support.

Speakers: Charles Villie (EUSPA), David Evans (ESA), Jyrki Huusko (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), Bogdan Gogulan (NewSpace Capital),  Stefano Alberico (Skudo), moderator Marily Hendrikson (Startup Estonia)

Closing remarks


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