United Arab Emirates-Estonia Business Council was established in 2022 to promote economic co-operation.

Having considerable experience in the field concerned and a wish to encourage and facilitate actions leading both business communities connect and cooperate in the fields of trade, investment, services and all industrial sectors.

The Council carries out the following activities:

Developing and promoting economic, trade and investment relations between Estonia and the United Arab Emirates;

Promoting a greater span and depth of understanding between the private sectors of the UAE and Estonia, on economic, trade and investment policies of both countries;

Promoting and organizing studies, seminars, meetings, media and relational communications programmes, cultural, scientific, social and economic events and initiatives in order to spread the knowledge and image of Estonia in the United Arab Emirates and of the United Arab Emirates in Estonia;

Raising the interest of the economic, social and cultural environments, in Estonia and in the United Arab Emirates, in the different aspects of the relations between the two countries and in their development and improvement.


UAE council members

Estonian council members


Ege Devon

export adviser
[email protected]
+971 508381904