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Pulkit Jaiswal

Pulkit Jaiswal

Founder/CEO, Stealth Mode Venture (SwarmX, Garuda Robotics)

Pulkit is a serial-entrepreneur, engineer and electronic musician best known for his work in the field of robotics and AI. At 19, Pulkit began operating drones as a hobbyist to create health maps of crops for farmers. This led him to start Garuda Robotics, which eventually became Southeast Asia’s leading drone-as-a-service company, that provided services to large palm oil plantations and infrastructure giants in the region.

At 22, Pulkit started SwarmX in order to solve major engineering challenges associated with automating drone flight. He invented ‘Hive’, the world’s first commercially validated drone docking station that would completely automate the job of human drone pilots. He was anointed by MIT as the youngest ‘Technology Review Innovator Under 35’ in Asia Pacific. SwarmX’s clients included the likes of the Norwegian government and a major oil & gas firm.

In early 2018, Pulkit began working on ways to understand major geopolitical volatility shifts and their impact on financial markets. This inspired him to start CTRL where he’s currently spearheading the mission to track major global trends and understand how they impact government and big-business decision making.