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Mittu Chandilya

Mittu Chandilya

CEO of CS Group

Born in South India and educated in the USA; Chandilya is a true global executive who has spent his executive career in senior leadership roles in Multinational companies and Startups in the fields of FMCG, Industrial & Manufacturing, Aviation, Logistics. Sports and Digital Technologies. Over the last 20 years; he has lived in the Western Africa, United States of America, Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore, India and U.A.E.

Chandilya is married to Estonian with whom he has three children and has been deeply passionate about Estonia’s growth in the global markets.

Chandilya particularly known for his CEO roles in Startups and dramatic large scale turnarounds. He was the world’s youngest Commercial Airline CEO at the age of 32 where he setup a low cost Airline in Asia (India) and for leading one of the largest Asian logistics groups in Asia (10 Ports, 50+ Rail, ICDs, Trucking, Air Cargo etc..). Chandilya in all of his roles has been a known Technology driver and innovator. Throughout his career he has been active in the Technology and Digital space to ensure valuation and growth drivers. Chandilya currently based out of Dubai & Singapore is running his Technology fund
investing in Mid-sized Tech companies with Application & growth in Asia.