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Applying to study in Estonia is easy

Estonia – first in the world to bring student admission into one system

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Estonia now accepts applications to all the universities and higher education institutions offering international programmes in one online system. Dream Apply is a student admission system developed in Estonia.

It is an online system that significantly improves administrative efficiency by reducing email traffic drastically, saving time with automatic reminders, document generation and other innovative features. Dream Apply is being used in 16 different countries, but none of them have all the institutions of the country in one system.

“We are happy to see that a unique e-solution developed in Estonia and rapidly expanding across Europe is helping many youngsters to start their studies in excellent Estonian universities. We have seen a fast growth in applicant numbers during the years Estonia has been using DreamApply and glad that DreamApply has been part of the success story,” commented one of DreamApply’s founders Lauri Elevant.

Applying to study in Estonia is easier than ever before! The online application system is available in all levels of study – Bachelor`s, Master`s and PHD. One can apply to several Estonian universities and programes with a single application. The admission system will guide through the application process and inform the applicant via email if any feedback is given by the university where one has applied. And since the internet connection is very common throughout the country, if one is located in Estonia, the process can be started basically from anywhere.

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