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A virtual tour of Estonian museums

While there’s nothing comparable to the first-hand travel experience, we do live in an increasingly tech-savvy world. Here’s a quick virtual tour through some of the best Estonian museums for your virtual culture trip to Estonia.

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Learning about Estonian nature

Estonian Natural History Museum offers six different interactive exhibitions include audio clips and games, and families and teachers are invited to attend virtual museum lessons inspired by Estonian nature. The Estonian Museum of Natural History has permanent exhibitions that showcase mysterious marshes, wildlife and our geological history dating back almost millions of years. The purpose of the virtual museum is certainly not to replace the physical museum but to provide an alternative. In addition to former and current permanent exhibitions, two temporary exhibitions of the Estonian Museum of Natural History have been opened for a virtual visit, including “Fathers and Sons” and “The Mysterious Ancient Sea”. Visiting the virtual museum is free for everyone, and donations are welcome.

You can also take look around in the Tartu Environmental Education Centre – the innovative and sustainably built house offering environmental education and activities for the whole family.

Take a walk through Estonian history & art

Tartu Art Museum is full of exciting encounters with new and old art from the 20th and 21st centuries. Founded in 1940, the museum was created to collect, preserve, and promote contemporary art. A number of virtual tours are virtually open to the public showing the variety of the museum’s collections.

The Estonian National Museum is also located in Tartu and is one of the largest, finest museums built in recent years. Virtual tours of many of the museum’s permanent exhibitions are available on the museum’s website.

The Museum of Saaremaa is one of the most interesting medieval museums in Estonia, really showcasing the glory of the historical architecture of the era. Take a virtual tour of the Kuressaare Castle on the museum’s website.


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